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Product name:YGBK-200-2 Double-head Dry ice granular machine

YGBK-200-2 Double-head Dry ice granular machine

Product description:

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YGBK-200-2  double-headed granular dry ice machine can produce Φ3 -Φ19mm  high-strength particles, column dry ice ,the production capacity is 370~400kg/hour,the output is twice as much as the dry ice
machine YGBK-200-1,saved the area and pipes connection. The dry ice production of this machine are mainly applied to dry ice briquetting,
dry ice cleaning,low temperature preservation,cold chain transportation,and smoke fog etc industries.

Series Model

Motor power

Dry ice size
Min  Max (kg/h) Raw materials
CO₂ Transformation rate Liquid inlet pressure
Liquid inlet diameter
Exhaust pipe diameter
Fuel tankage
Overall dimension
1 YGBK-200-2 15 Φ3-Φ19 360 400 ≥1.50 ≥42% ≤2.1 DN20 2-DN70 280 175×140×175 2200
2 YGBK-300-2 18.5 Φ3-Φ19 450 540 ≥1.50 ≥42% ≤2.1 DN20 2-DN70 300 215×140×175 2450
3 YGBK-300-4 37 Φ3-Φ19 900 1080 ≥1.50 ≥42% ≤2.1 2-DN20 4-DN70 600 215×270×175 4800

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