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Product name:GP-K-1000/GP-K-1000B Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine

GP-K-1000/GP-K-1000B Dry Ice Pelletizer Machine

Product description:

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Dry Ice Pelletizer GP-K-1000 is a compact, powerful and versatile machineproducinghighqualitydryicepelletsinthesizesφ3mmfora medium-sized dry ice requirement. This dry ice machine production capacity is 1000kg/h in the daily working process.




Motor Power


Dry Ice Size



Raw Materials


CO₂ Conversion rate

Liquid inlet pressure


Liquid inlet diameter


Exhaust pipe diameter


Fuel tankage


Overall Dimension




GP-K-400 15 φ3-φ25 400 ≥1.52 ≥42% 1.7~2.2 DN20 2-DN65 250 175×140×185 2100
GP-K-600 18.5 600 280 215×140×185 2400
GP-K-1000 22 1000 DN25 2-DN80 300 215×140×185 2500
GP-K-1500 30 1500 420 396×150×320 4000
GP-K-2000 37 2000 450 396×150×320 4500

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